Sharp Law, PC’s principal attorney, Daniel Sharp, has extensive experience in the area of consumer protection and civil prosecutions for fraudulent conduct. Mr. Sharp is extremely passionate about and enjoys litigating such matters.  He has years of experience having prosecuted large scale/complex fraud cases related to healthcare insurance and other matters. For more information about Mr. Sharp's litigation background click here. 


Prior to practicing in Oregon, he regularly litigated whistleblower/qui tam matters as a relator for the State of California, coupled with common law fraud and California Business & Professions Code Section 17200 Unfair Practices causes of action.  


His Oregon cases involve litigation of fraudulent/deceitful conduct and filing consumer protection/fraud related actions under Oregon’s Unfair Trade Practices Act or “UTPA”.  Such actions are filed against individuals, corporations and businesses for engaging in deceitful, misleading, fraudulent, deceptive and unfair/unlawful pratices.   


We offer fixed fee consultations for fraud/consumer protection cases.  Call us at (503) 575-1277 or contact us on-line. 

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